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We go the extra mile; we set highstandards and always strife to exceed expectations. The client’s need is thefocus point.


We are open to others; wecreate an environment of trust and respect.


We are responsible for ourtask, performance, actions and are co-operative.


We encourage, follow andsupport good business practice. Honesty and fairness are our basic principles.We do what we say we do.

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The main parts of all our training programs and coaching are:  client’s needs analysis, design and planning, implementation and evaluation.  Together with the client we will determine the training target. WorldWide Training and Translations will provide all training materials which are necessary to ensure high training quality.

our vision - professional language; key to success

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Aviation English Course:

Cabin Crew Training and writing aviation manuals

:Language courses

Dedicated Customer Service: and more


:Document translation and simultaneous translation services

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Minerva is een ervaren, kundige en professionele vertaalster. Zij runt haar bedrijf exquise en vol passie. Het is een plezier om met haar samen te werken!

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General Director